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The ultimate guide for War Thunder
There is not a lack of volume of content for Warthunder out there, however there is a lack in quality. With our combined experiences playing Warthunder we want to share the tips and tricks, and the dos and donts we have learned over the years.
Arcade or Realistic
As a brand new playing we would suggest playing arcade, it offers you more in-game assitance then the realistic mode does.
How to pick a nation for the battlefield
In order to start playing you should pick one nation - and stick with it. Even though they all have their merits, some nations dominate more than other in different battleratings and gamemodes.
Which plane should you choose?
Which plane text
Fighter Planes
fighter plane text
Strike Fighters
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Bombers text
Which tank should you choose?
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Light Tanks
light tanks text
Medium Tanks
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how to aim bombers

how to cancer-roll